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Ballard Exhibition in Barcelona

If you’re in Barcelona walk on over to the CCCB in the Raval and check out the J.G. Ballard exhibition called Autopsy of the New Millennium (until the November 2). According to the curator:

This exhibition offers an itinerary through Ballard’s creative universe: his times and obsessions, his dissection of the secret keys of the contemporary, the traces of his own life in his fictional body of work, his artistic and literary referents, and his precise, disenchanted intuitions of a future life governed by the concepts of aseptic dystopia and disaster.

I haven’t read many of Ballard’s books, but his short story War Fever is among my all-time favorites. It’s had a huge impact on the way I approach the themes in my writing. I sincerely believe – paraphrasing Joseph Campbell speaking about visionary artists – that he is tapped into the unconscious and can intuit things about the future. I’m curious to see how a retrospective on his work will be handled.

This guy has posted an extensive review of the exhibition.

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Everything is True

No really.

His Popeness, Herr Ratzinger, is a firm believer in absolute truth. Like he’s absolutely right. And you’re wrong. Unless you agree that he’s absolutely right.

Heidegger says truth is the disclosure of the Being to Dasein, or, in less pompous language, truth is reality illuminated to someone who is really really smart. But actually not really, because he says there is truth and untruth in everything. What a stinker.

Camus is a man of action. The pornstar of truth-sayers. He says fuck all absolute truth. Ride that bad bitch and don’t give her a moment’s rest. He says absolute truth leads to intolerance, tyranny and really shitty art. Not to mention disturbing body tics like thrusting your arm out and yelling “Heil!” anytime you see a man with a well-groomed mustache. (Heidegger take note.)

Saint Augustine says truth isn’t something that comes from the mind like a dirty limerick. You can’t buy it on Ebay either. In fact, truth is transcendental and mysterious and highly personal. Like your secret fascination with Brazilian fart porn. Or kind of like that.

All kidding aside, here’s a great repository of smart people saying things about Truth: All the Truths about TRUTH.

Dubya Gets Stoned

Bush gets the Oliver Stone treatment in, W. – The Improbable President.

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Recut Trailers

The Shining (Romantic Comedy Mix)

Watching those Kubrick trailers yesterday reminded me of the recut trailers on YouTube. If you haven’t seen them, here are some of the best:

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Kubrick’s 80th

The great Stanley Kubrick would have been 80 today. Here’s a compilation of trailers from his movies.

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John Coltrane: Saxophone Icon

NPR’s Jazz Profiles has a great two-part documentary on John Coltrane. The first part covers his origins, his battle with heroin addiction, his early influences from Parker to Monk, to his breakthrough with Miles Davis on the sublime Kind of Blue. The second part deals mostly with the John Coltrane quartet and his pioneering work of the 60s, which combined eastern mysticism and free jazz with his solid bop and blues background.

When you listen to someone like Coltrane, the feverish intensity of his music almost seems inhuman. This snapshot into his life gives you a glimpse of the kid who had to practice constantly to reach the level of musicianship he’s known for, as well as the sage-like musical genius he became in the 60s. Rare early recordings, interviews and snippets from live and studio albums – good stuff. I learned a lot. Link to Part 1, Part 2, and the Jazz Profiles Podcast.

Defiant at the Obama Rally

Berliners turned out in droves to see Barack Obama, and, among the thousands of people, there was one lone McCain supporter, defiantly holding his umbrella with printed-out McCain signs.