Monthly Archive for September, 2008


History repeating, the eternal return. No wise man in history has ever denied it. Here’s an interesting article from the late Christopher Meyer, an Ambassador to Washington from 1997-2003, and ex-Cold War diplomat.

It is useless to say that nationalism and ethnic tribalism have no place in the international relations of the 21st century. If anything the spread of Western-style democracy has amplified their appeal and resonance. The supreme fallacy in foreign policy is to take the world as we would wish it to be and not as it actually is.

Link to the article in the Times UK.

I’m on Authonomy

Check out my old book, The Bedroom Revolutionary, on Authonomy, the website created by Harper Collins for would-be wordsmiths to get discovered on. I published the entire manuscript of The Bedroom Revolutionary for you to criticize, praise or whatever.

Link to my Authonomy page.

Link to the page dedicated to The Bedroom Revolutionary.

Besides that, I have been busy dealing with html and php code for my upcoming Larry Kovaks website. I don’t know anything about code, so I have to google everything. It turns into a process of elimination usually, until I find the next meaningless line of text that turns a certain hyperlink yellow. Now … you want to change that tab background from #111 to #000 … well, that’s what you say! After 12 hours of this nonsense you start to understand why IT guys are so repellent. This shit is madness. Children, just stay away from programming if you know what’s good for you.