The vote is in

Today I voted for Obama via absentee ballot, even though I’m registered in New York and the Democrats will surely carry the state – save some generated international crisis, or a mysterious missive from Al Queda conveniently appearing just days before the election. Sorry Nader, I won’t even give you a protest vote this time. I want the Republicans to get spanked, and, let’s face it, you didn’t put on that panda suit.

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5 Responses to “The vote is in”

  1. 1 Hamoda

    Many seem to act like this above others is the eletcion of a lifetime. I would laugh but whats been at stake and Americans relutance to react on anything but emotion takes the humor out of it. I now hear people say they want candidates to identify the issues as they see them, what they want to do to solve those problems, and most importantly what has really been lacking is how they intend to bring about those changes. I know the extremly gullible will say thats been done, but I say those who really want to be informed would also want to hear specifics as to how the candidate would finance these programs and how it may effect other programs currently in effect. I have to wonder how many of these informed people who want this also watched Ross Perots infamercial when he ran. The only candidate that .did a thorough job of just that so voters could see not just a clear veiw of the issues but an approach to change that made sense and seemed do-able . If the missinformed masses do swarm the polls in favor of Obama and he just pulls out of Iraq. He will see that the soldiers who answered their countrys call on 9/11 and gave their lives to that call gave all for nothing to an their ungratefull homeland. Weather or not you agree to our going to Iraq to begin with (and I wonder how you felt about it 3 weeks after 9/11) our integrity, having any much needed influence in the middle east, as well as our future standing in the world community mandates that our commitments be honored.I do however realize that such concepts are foriegn to many voters today I only hope that we dont fall to far before people wake up and realize that change comes from having every choice availble (a third party) and looking honestly at what those choices will mean. God bless America cause we are determined to destroy, in our pompous American way a country that used to have shades of greatness, that used to have many more reasons to profess ourselves to be a Free nation.

  2. 2

    This is what we need – an insight to make everyone think

  3. 3

    Impressive brain power at work! Great answer!

  4. 4

    It’s a pleasure to find such rationality in an answer. Welcome to the debate.

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