Proposition R

This is awesome. San Francisco’s Proposition R, for renaming the Oceanside Water Pollution Control Plant to the George W Bush Sewage Plant.

President Bush has left us with a gigantic mess, and that this facility symbolizes the city’s deft ability to clean up its share of the financial and diplomatic mess left in this administration’s wake. It will also become the world’s first presidential sewage plant, a potential tourist attraction, and therefore an opportunity for the dedicated plant workers to educate visitors about this essential and heretofore unknown public works …

Fellow San Franciscans, we urge you to vote Oui! On November 4th.

I hope it gets passed (no pun intended).

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1 Response to “Proposition R”

  1. 1 Unnatural Habitat

    “98 percent of precincts counted. Requires majority. Yes – 31 percent. No – 69 percent.”

    Didn’t get passed.

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