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In memoriam

Long excerpts on Democracy Now of the late, great Martin Luther King’s incredibly moving speeches — in particular the one he delivered on April 4, 1967, exactly a year to the day he was assassinated. Not just a civil rights leader … a revolutionary.

A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do …


(and sometimes that man just don’t have a lot of options)

Rent-a-sex-toy in Japan. Whatever you do don’t watch the video of the Lora doll. Don’t do it, don’t do it, I tell you!

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Chedda Be Bangin’

Russel aka Chedda explains “How [he] Hustled A $12,000 Check From The Government and got $5,000 a Month From the Man” on Chedda’s Bling Blog.

With just 1 application I was able to get a check for $12,000 which I will never have to pay back. It helped me:

  • Pay off my credit card debt
  • Pay for some new tattoos
  • Buy a new car with some ’shoes’
  • Buy my girl a tiffany watch
  • Buy myself a $15,000 jacob timepiece

You know we’ve reached the nadir utter sleaziness when scammers scam other scammers who think they’re going to scam a scammer (aka the Man).

Andrew aka Da Bedda Chedda. Peace.

Introducing Right-Wing-Shill-Cum-Comedian David Lereah

This book – by economist David Lereahought to be archived somewhere along with all the neocon blogs that were cheerleading the war in Iraq. Remember all those six-month increments: It’ll get better in six months, just wait; it’s better than it was six months ago; it’s better than had we not done anything six months ago … The same old canards, over and over. Little did our historicist friends know that they would be the court jesters in this historical farce. Not surprisingly, people who bought this book also bought: Your Yugo Will Run Forever and How to Set the Land-Speed Record With It. Like Baron Münchhausen pulling himself and his horse out of water by his own hair, these guys were caught in a feedback loop of their own ill-founded, egotistical ideology.

Hallucinations … writing … schizophrenia

I always depend on a molecular assemblage of enunciation that is not given in my conscious mind, any more than it depends solely on my apparent social determinations, which combine many heterogeneous regimes of signs. Speaking in tongues. To write is perhaps to bring this assemblage of the unconscious to the light of day, to select the whispering voices, to gather the tribes and secret idioms from which I extract something I call my Self.

Deleuze & Guattari, A Thousand Plateaus

Žižek’s Violence

I admit it: Violence is my first book by Slavoj Žižek, the cultural critic, philosopher, and Lacan expert who ironically calls himself a Marxist. Through his psychoanalytic lens, and his endless arsenal of jokes, he penetrates deep into 21st century culture with astoundingly counter-intuitive insights. He is never boring, and he hardly ever relies on the pseudo-scientific jargon that many of his fellow academics so love to use. That said, from his many online articles and interviews, he seems to me like a man who is full of contradictions. At times he vituperates the old communist regimes under which he lived, praises the achievements of post WWII western Europe, even finds a good word or two to say about neocon chearleader Fukayama; at other times he slams the disunited left — who can only agree to disagree — and he ironically praises Stalin and modern monolithic leftist movements like Chavez’s regime in Venezuela.
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