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Friday Night Feature – Night of the Living Dead (1968)

This 1968 horror movie classic by George A. Romero is still the zombie film all others have aspired to, but never quite matched.

Friday Night Feature – Surplus

Surplus: Terrorized into Being Consumers
, is a clever video montage about consumerism by Swedish filmmakers Erik Gandini and Johan Söderberg. Starring George Bush, Silvio Berlusconi, Jacque Chirac, Vladimir Putin, Tony Blair, Fidel Castro, Bill Gates, and “anti-globalization guru” John Zerzan . Don’t miss the great montage of Steve Ballmer going apeshit at a Microsoft conference (min. 37:15).

I found a direct download link (right click, save as). It’s a large higher-resolution .avi file, but I had trouble getting it to work. Maybe you’ll have more luck.

Friday Night Feature – Guirilandia

This is a short movie I shot in 2002, shortly after I came to live in Spain. It’s basically about what feels like to be a guiri – Spanish slang for foreigner.

Download (right-click, save as), or watch it here.

Best watched while inebriated.


David Lynch on Product Placement

I guess he forgot about Dennis Hopper’s passionate endorsement of Pabst Blue Ribbon in Blue Velvet:

“Heineken? Fuck that sheeeeit! Pabst Blue Ribbon!”

The Weather Underground

A great documentary by Sam Green and Bill Siegel about the rise and fall of the Weathermen, the radical activist group that operated in the U.S. from the late 60s to the mid-70s.

This documentary gives an even-handed depiction of the incendiary atmosphere of that era, with the demented ideology of the Vietnam War hawks countered by the misguided ideology of violent radical activists. It shows how a twisted ideology on the right led to another twisted ideology on the left, and how they both played into each other’s hands.

I like how voices from all sides are heard, and how this documentary manages to be objective without romanticizing the Weathermen or demonizing them. There is so much cognitive dissonance on both sides of the issue, and this documentary manages to steer clear of it.

Reworking Spillane’s Kiss Me Deadly

Kiss Me Deadly, the 1955 film version of Mickey Spillane’s pulp classic, is one of those rare exceptions of a film adaption surpassing the original book. Mike Hammer, the protagonist, is a sleazy P.I. who specializes in divorce cases. This changes one night when he gives a ride to a hysterical woman with a deadly secret. Hammer and the woman are captured by some mysterious men, and, after getting tortured, they are put back in his car and rolled over a cliff. The woman dies in a ball of flame and Hammer miraculously survives. Similar to Spillane’s other novels, this violent episode serves as the catalyst to a relentless story of revenge.

The difference, though, between the movie and the book, lies in the secret that the woman holds. This important difference is the reason why Spillane’s book is merely entertaining, while the film version of it is a trenchant critique on 1950s America. (Don’t worry, Hammer’s knuckle sandwiches and nymphomaniac girlfriends are still in practically every scene).

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“Remixed” Vicky Cristina Barcelona Poster

I went to Friday’s showing of Vicky Cristina Barcelona and was inspired to make a more appropriate poster for this lousy movie. Woody man, what’s up?

Click on it for full-screen magnificence