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Six Days Remix

DJ Shadow+Mos Def+Wong Kar Wai+Christopher Doyle=PoMo Goodness

John Coltrane: Saxophone Icon

NPR’s Jazz Profiles has a great two-part documentary on John Coltrane. The first part covers his origins, his battle with heroin addiction, his early influences from Parker to Monk, to his breakthrough with Miles Davis on the sublime Kind of Blue. The second part deals mostly with the John Coltrane quartet and his pioneering work of the 60s, which combined eastern mysticism and free jazz with his solid bop and blues background.

When you listen to someone like Coltrane, the feverish intensity of his music almost seems inhuman. This snapshot into his life gives you a glimpse of the kid who had to practice constantly to reach the level of musicianship he’s known for, as well as the sage-like musical genius he became in the 60s. Rare early recordings, interviews and snippets from live and studio albums – good stuff. I learned a lot. Link to Part 1, Part 2, and the Jazz Profiles Podcast.