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The Weather Underground

A great documentary by Sam Green and Bill Siegel about the rise and fall of the Weathermen, the radical activist group that operated in the U.S. from the late 60s to the mid-70s.

This documentary gives an even-handed depiction of the incendiary atmosphere of that era, with the demented ideology of the Vietnam War hawks countered by the misguided ideology of violent radical activists. It shows how a twisted ideology on the right led to another twisted ideology on the left, and how they both played into each other’s hands.

I like how voices from all sides are heard, and how this documentary manages to be objective without romanticizing the Weathermen or demonizing them. There is so much cognitive dissonance on both sides of the issue, and this documentary manages to steer clear of it.

I had a bad trip like this once …

This is what happens when you drop acid after eating a Happy Meal.

(via BoH’s The 7 most completely bizarre McDonald’s commercials)

Perversion for Profit

This is an anti-pornography film from 1965 which links the “flood tide of filth” to the decline of western civilization. Excellent and hilarious, with commentary as salacious as it is zealous.  My favorite moment is at minute 3 when the camera shows a shot of a model reclining in a barnyard, then tilts up to a goat that happens to be tethered in the background. The announcer solemnly pronounces, “And this one, with its overtones of bestiality.”

Recut Trailers

The Shining (Romantic Comedy Mix)

Watching those Kubrick trailers yesterday reminded me of the recut trailers on YouTube. If you haven’t seen them, here are some of the best:

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Kubrick’s 80th

The great Stanley Kubrick would have been 80 today. Here’s a compilation of trailers from his movies.

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Dan Dennet on Dangerous Memes

“Learn the facts, figure out the implications.”

This is a great speech by philosopher Dan Dennet from 2002’s TED conference. From the parasite that drives ants to suicidal behavior, to the parasitical ideas that people die for, this is a great, succinct encapsulation of what has driven human beings through the ages. This speech is just as relevant today as it was 6 years ago.

Spain – “Campeones con Mayúscula”

Spain, the perennial underachievers, have won the Eurocup 2008. Who would have thought the Ramblas would be so full of Spanish flags?