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Friday Night Feature – Guirilandia

This is a short movie I shot in 2002, shortly after I came to live in Spain. It’s basically about what feels like to be a guiri – Spanish slang for foreigner.

Download (right-click, save as), or watch it here.

Best watched while inebriated.


Firemen protest in Barcelona

The bombers – Catalan for firemen – are protesting right under my windows. I am not really sure what it is about, but I sure as hell want to find out now (I guess that’s the whole point of staging protests). Sirens are going off, someone is setting off firecrackers, and a helicopter is hovering right over my building.

View from my terrace:

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“Remixed” Vicky Cristina Barcelona Poster

I went to Friday’s showing of Vicky Cristina Barcelona and was inspired to make a more appropriate poster for this lousy movie. Woody man, what’s up?

Click on it for full-screen magnificence

Ballard Exhibition in Barcelona

If you’re in Barcelona walk on over to the CCCB in the Raval and check out the J.G. Ballard exhibition called Autopsy of the New Millennium (until the November 2). According to the curator:

This exhibition offers an itinerary through Ballard’s creative universe: his times and obsessions, his dissection of the secret keys of the contemporary, the traces of his own life in his fictional body of work, his artistic and literary referents, and his precise, disenchanted intuitions of a future life governed by the concepts of aseptic dystopia and disaster.

I haven’t read many of Ballard’s books, but his short story War Fever is among my all-time favorites. It’s had a huge impact on the way I approach the themes in my writing. I sincerely believe – paraphrasing Joseph Campbell speaking about visionary artists – that he is tapped into the unconscious and can intuit things about the future. I’m curious to see how a retrospective on his work will be handled.

This guy has posted an extensive review of the exhibition.

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Spain – “Campeones con Mayúscula”

Spain, the perennial underachievers, have won the Eurocup 2008. Who would have thought the Ramblas would be so full of Spanish flags?