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The vote is in

Today I voted for Obama via absentee ballot, even though I’m registered in New York and the Democrats will surely carry the state – save some generated international crisis, or a mysterious missive from Al Queda conveniently appearing just days before the election. Sorry Nader, I won’t even give you a protest vote this time. I want the Republicans to get spanked, and, let’s face it, you didn’t put on that panda suit.

Nader in a panda suit

Ralph muses on the unenthusiastic media coverage of his campaign this year, and wonders if dressing in a panda suit would garner him more media attention. He’s damn right it would.

One thing thing you can say about him is he definitely has cojones. If he dresses up in a panda suit and crashes the debates I might, just might, be tempted to vote for him – again.