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Could be a job for Kovaks

A forum member on the Kovaks Street Scam Forums found an interesting job offer in Loquo:

Bodyguard” wanted for help to artist eve 21.00-02.00 can pay 6-8 €

I am making a photo art project (non paid) for myself at night in some spots of Barcelona where I do not want to be alone with my camera. Therefore – looking for somebody who is:

- reliable
- good built and big, would say over 175 cm height
- can defend himself + me against eventual robbers/attackers/rapist/etc.
- who speaks either English/german/Scandinavian
- copy of your passport/ID and proof of your residence needed for my own safety reasons Eventually can you have more jobs later depending on how it goes and how I get along.

Barcelona, by the way, is a safe city. As in safe to your physical well-being. While there is a lot of scam activity in the center – which is Kovaks’ specialty – getting physically assaulted is not a usual occurrence. This person is a wee bit paranoid.

Larry Kovaks, P.I.

I just finished creating a website for Larry Kovaks, P.I., Barcelona’s Premier Tourist Detective. I embedded a google map on the index page that has thumbtacks on the actual locations of his solved crimes. If you click on those you can read a short description of the story and get a link to it.

Most importantly, there is a new Kovaks Street Scam Forum with literally hundreds of true scam stories dating as far back as 1996. The great majority of these were taken off the original Barcelona Street Scam page by Terry Jones, and are now living on the new forum.

Stop by and check it out!

Larry Kovaks, P.I.

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