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Hero or Criminal?*

Micheal Phelps is the world champion swimmer who wiped out the rest of the mere mortals at last summer’s Olympics in Beijing, garnering eight gold medals. He was recently photographed at a private party taking a hit off of a bong. A righteous flurry of anti-marijuana hysteria ensued and he was subsequently dropped from his multi-million dollar contract with Kellogg’s, despite the fact that he had previously been arrested on a drunk driving charge. They seem to think being drunk and driving is ok, but taking a bong rip is not. He has mended his drunken ways and has gone on to be the champion of the world.

Therefore, he is a HERO. Give the dude a fucking break already. He was relaxing with a harmless plant. And he is the best swimmer in the world. And stoned. Top that.


* Much to the disappointment of copy editor, blogger, and left-wing extremist Tom at the thebadrash, I will continue to call this series Hero or Criminal for the sake of consistency — even though “villain” is the antonym I ought to be using.