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For Whom the Bell Tolls is overrated, and why McCain is probably the Manchurian Candidate

Ernest Hemingway’s famous war novel, For Whom the Bell Tolls, is often cited as an exploration of the effects of war on people — in particular, the Spanish people during the tragic Spanish Civil War. The novel’s protagonist, Robert Jordan, is an American professor who volunteers on the side of the Spanish Republic, and, through the course of the novel, exhibits all the traits of a rugged Hemingway hero. Although set in the midst of the civil war, the war atmosphere Hemingway created is poorly executed, and his characters — with the exception of Robert Jordan — are hardly credible. It is really a novel about Ernest Hemingway’s ideal man: heroic, graceful in the face of death, enduring, macho, and, more than any of the other characteristics, a rugged individual. But it took him 400 pages too many to explain this.

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McCain is a diva

This column by Huffington Post writer Bob Cesca is excellent:

What’s next, McCain? Suspending the election?

So what will a McCain administration economic policy look like? From the lack of foresight and leadership we’ve witnessed so far, we can assume that McCain might choose a new economic policy totally at random, depending on how saucy he feels from minute to minute. “I’ll have a muffin with my Egg Beaters, and replace Bernanke with that hooplehead who weedwacks the knoll.” Two minutes later… “Hey Phil, we don’t need the Nasdaq anymore. Kill it.” Two minutes later… “My God! What have I done! Quickly — nationalize the paintball industry! Go!”

One thing is for sure. Expecting a workable solution to this economic meltdown from a man as knee-jerk, dishonest and incomprehensible as John McCain would be an exercise in national self-destruction. He doesn’t have anything real to say, and what he does say, he can’t sell. He simply can’t do the gig. A vote for McCain-Palin is absolutely a vote for the end of America as we know it.

Seriously, I am wondering if this guy has any idea of what he is doing. He’s like a child throwing a temper tantrum. I’m taking my ball home and now no one can play! My friends!

I always thought nothing could be worse than Bush Jr., but here you have it. McCain is a diva whose gut decisions aren’t the sign of a political maverick, but of someone who is desperately trying to stay in the spotlight. It’s time to start playing fairly, McDiva.

This whole election is a joke. McCain is worse, much worse than anything I could have imagined, and that’s without even considering the bible-thumping mountain momma he picked for a running mate. My own poor mom called me the other day and said she had a terrible nightmare that McCain had won the election. It looks like it is already starting. Just imagine what a McCain/Palin presidency would be like. Totally fucking insane. No accountability. Erratic gut decisions. More deregulation. More extremist war policies. More pandering to the neocons. More Rove. More religious right influence. Creationism. I’m getting ill just typing this out. My country will have not one shred of credibility left.