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Chedda Be Bangin’

Russel aka Chedda explains “How [he] Hustled A $12,000 Check From The Government and got $5,000 a Month From the Man” on Chedda’s Bling Blog.

With just 1 application I was able to get a check for $12,000 which I will never have to pay back. It helped me:

  • Pay off my credit card debt
  • Pay for some new tattoos
  • Buy a new car with some ’shoes’
  • Buy my girl a tiffany watch
  • Buy myself a $15,000 jacob timepiece

You know we’ve reached the nadir utter sleaziness when scammers scam other scammers who think they’re going to scam a scammer (aka the Man).

Andrew aka Da Bedda Chedda. Peace.